Sirikata was created to address the technical limitations of current virtual world platforms and to provide an open platform for developing virtual world content. It is actively developed by computer science groups at Stanford and Princeton. Current and past developers include:

Stanford Computer Science

  • Daniel Horn
  • Ewen Cheslack-Postava
  • Tahir Azim
  • Behram Mistree
  • Bhupesh Chandra
  • Lily Guo
  • Philip Levis

Princeton Computer Science

  • Jeff Terrace
  • Xiaozhou Li
  • Mike Freedman

Stanford Humanities Lab

  • Henrik Bennetsen
  • Daniel B. Miller


  • Patrick Horn
  • Marcus Barnes


This work is funded by the National Science Foundation (NeTS-ANET Grants #0831163 and #0831374) and by the Intel Science and Technology Center for Visual Computing. This work does not reflect the opinions or positions of these organizations, however.

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