Sirikata: an open-source platform for scalable virtual worlds.
Any user can script objects in Emerson, a new language designed specifically for virtual worlds.
Sirikata is designed to scale naturally to very large worlds. Compared to other worlds (left), Sirikata's approach (middle-left) and aggregation (middle-right) are much closer to the complete scene (right).
You can upload your own meshes to where they're optimized for streaming to clients and rendering.
Kataspace is a demo application that lets you join a Sirikata world directly in your browser.

What is Sirikata?

Sirikata is a BSD-licensed open source platform for virtual worlds. We aim to provide a set of open libraries and protocols anyone can use to deploy a virtual world.

Sirikata isn’t a single virtual world, it’s a platform for building virtual worlds. All the common, core components of virtual worlds are built-in — servers that simulate the world and distribute content, a graphical client, and scripting language support — allowing you to focus on creating the objects and behaviors unique to your world. These videos give a sense of what you can currently do in Sirikata worlds.

Try Sirikata

If you’re new to Sirikata, start out by trying it out: the download page will get you started with downloading, installing, and connecting to a world. If you want to learn more before running Sirikata, check out the wiki, especially the guides. Once you’re connected, you’ll probably want to try some scripting.

Feedback and Communication

We want to hear from you!

Get more details on the wiki’s Communication page.

Develop Sirikata

We’d love to see bug fixes, new features, and plugins. Take a look at our guide to platform development to see how.