Mixed Reality Performance: An Evening on Sirikata

Henrik Bennetsen

One of the things I have been really excited about was when I get to write about some of the interesting projects that is propelling the development of our little platform forward. This first one, a mixed reality performance, I am very involved in myself. Just got word from Matteo Bittanti that his piece Mixed Reality Performance: An Evening on Sirikata will be featured in WIRED Italy’s September issue. The article describes our upcoming performance at the MiTo International festival of Music in Milan, Italy, on September 12 and 13 2009.

From Matteo’s blog:

Mixed Reality Performance is an experiment in which physical spaces and Musicians from different continents encounter one another on-line. Promoted by MITO SettembreMusica in collaboration with the Stanford Humanities Lab and the Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, this production is an experiment in on-line interaction among musicians in different locations. While a pianist plays their music is manipulated by other musicians on-line; from across the ocean other acoustic realities are manipulated and appear projected in 3-D on walls. Spectators are immersed in a recreated world of sound in an installation that marks the birth of the performance spaces on Sirikata, the most recent open source platform on the web.

In the post you can also read a bit about some of the tech that will drive this performance. All the work code and art asset work we do for for this will be made available under open licenses so if you have an interest in collaboration around music performance in Sirikata then please be in touch as we already now start the planning for future projects.

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