Sirikata talk at Silicon Valley ACM SIGGRAPH

Henrik Bennetsen

The Silicon Valley ACM SIGGRAPH chapter has kindly invited Daniel Horn and myself to come talk about Sirikata. The event is open to the public so if you find yourself near Apple’s├é┬áCupertino campus on Thursday, October 15th then I hope you are able to join us.

Here is our abstract:

Sirikata ( is an BSD licensed open source platform for games and virtual worlds. We aim to provide a set of libraries and protocols which can be used to deploy a virtual world, as well as fully featured sample implementations of services for hosting and deploying these worlds. The platform has grown out of a several years of research at Stanford University and the current ambition is to expand into a fully community run open source project. In the talk we will describe the technology and its application and explore some possible roads ahead.

Full scoop and logistics

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