Installers and Documentation

Ewen Cheslack-Postava

With 0.0.25 just released, we’ve also started building installers for Windows and Mac to make it easier to get started with Sirikata. They contain the same binaries as the plain archives, but they have a few other nice features.

  1. Setup slauncher to launch links for Sirikata automatically. Then you can click on a Sirikata link to automatically launch a client, for example one of our demo worlds.
  2. Make sure some dependencies that you otherwise need to install manually on Windows are available.
  3. An updater and uninstaller are included. The updater doesn’t currently run automatically, but it let’s you easily check for and install newer versions of Sirikata.

They’re provided as options on the download page.  Thanks to BitRock for the free InstallBuilder license that let’s us easily create these installers.

We’ve also moved some of our documentation, specifically the guides, to the wiki. While not as pretty as the ones generated by Sphinx, hopefully this will make it easier to contribute to the guides and keep them up to date. The API documentation for the C++ code base and Emerson are still auto-generated and kept in the same place as before.

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