Jun 27 2009

Talk: Old stuff in new ways

Henrik Bennetsen

With the 3rd post in a row about giving a talk I do realize the need for variation but I had to share that MediaX have invited me to come speak. The event will take place on Thursday, November 5th at noon.

My focus will be on the work I have been involved in on the content side of the Sirikata equation (long winded way of saying less technical). Here is the abstract:

The platform has grown out of a several years of research at Stanford University, initiated by Media X, and the current ambition is to expand into a fully community run open source project. At the Stanford Humanities Lab we have built practical projects that explores potential futures of collaboration, cultural institutions and musical performance. Bennetsen will demonstrate and discuss this work in context of new technological possibilities offered by Sirikata.

The whole deal over at Events at Stanford