Large City World

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This space contains a large city scene and demonstrates the automatic aggregation and simplification of objects and queries using cuts to always provide a complete view of the world. Click here to launch with slauncher.

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  • Currently has about 30,000 individual meshes and the client usually displays around 1,400 at any one time.
  • Use arrows or AWSD to navigate. Use '[' and ']' to slow down and speed up, respectively.

This just uses the stock client and none of the objects are scriptable because it is intended to demonstrate the aggregation and simplification features.


  • This is an experimental world which you should expect to be offline sometimes. If it's offline for a long time, please let us know.
  • Loading is currently slow only because thousands of CDN name lookups are required even though the data is cached. We already have a bug filed which should drastically reduce loading time.