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What is Sirikata?

Sirikata is a BSD-licensed platform for virtual worlds. Instead of a single world, Sirikata lets anyone create a custom virtual world. All the common, core components of virtual worlds are built-in -- servers that simulate the world and distribute content, a graphical client, and scripting language support — allowing you to focus on creating the objects and behaviors unique to your world.

Try it out

You can try Sirikata out by downloading the current version and then visiting a Sirikata world. See the installation instructions for full details and then follow the scripting guide to learn how to script objects and build applications once you're in-world.


We love feedback. You can get in touch in a bunch of ways -- via email, IRC, or filing a bug. Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated!


If you want to extend Sirikata's functionality (add a new scripting language, a different physics simulation, or better rendering), head to the platform development guide.

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